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Caucasos Shepherd Dog

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is native to the areas of the former USSR: the Caucasus, Dagestan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc.. It is one of the oldest breeds and guard livestock defence and its origin is lost in the legend when you spoke of a dog by the strength of a bear so aggressive wild, nicknamed him Ché "crushes wolves", but at the same time so wise and balanced to be elected keeper of the home and children. Undaunted, territorial, markedly wary with strangers and devotedly attached to the master, the Caucasian Sheepdog is primarily a sheepdog. The corrected cognitive approach to this race must consider pastoralism in the regions of the former regions. The second natural environment where he had his character and morphological development. A wild sheep farming where the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is left alone for days in custody of herds and only must simultaneously provide to itself and to the protection of the flocks entrusted to him by hungry wolves and bears. In his memory and then bred retains strong aptitude for defense of what is dear, whether raw or his family, ready to give whatever they can without delay any for this objective. Only recently since 1930 has been used to guard and military tasks (dog elected by special bodies of the Soviet police) and the new 2011 standard, unlike the previous one he considered, rightly, as a breed trait aggressiveness, has rightly acknowledged the aggression even as predatory and non-inherent defect definitely in character of Caucasian Sheepdog. Sheepdog so first of all (the original name of Reductor dog from fold Caucasian "Kavkazskaia Ovcharka"), strong character, reserved and wary towards strangers, affectionate and tognazzi also directed some to his master and his family, is incorruptible guardian of property and the home is sweet, protective and especially with children and with children proves a nice Playmateprovided that these do not excessively violent games cause any inconvenience. Calm, thoughtful and not at all overpowering as conscious of his size and physical strength, become aggressive only in case of real danger to the people he loves. These typical character traits you see but only and only if this breed is left free to carry out his duties as mother nature dictates: guard the herds. In our allevativo Center "Jacopone da Todi", precisely for this reason the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is free to run from grasslands to forests in custody of flocks that graze there free. Only in this way will never unnecessarily and unreasonably aggressive and always going to be incorruptible guardian of all types of properties and only in case of real danger to people or property under his control, effectively manifest the necessary aggressive reactions towards those who enters his property without permission or who endangers his family, always doing preventing the real attack by apparent signs of threat such as barks and growls straight hair. We believe that the Caucasian Sheepdog more realistic heir of the ancient and mythical Dog of Tibet, arrived in Armenia and in other areas of the Caucasus in the wake of nomadic pastoralists tribe, only recently arrived in the West, passing through the former Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary. The best of health, we recommend, as all giant dogs, don't stress your joints still growing with leaps and puppy stairs. His meals must be abundant and much protein given its considerable wealth. The Caucasian Sheepdog requires a master capable of becoming a pack leader to respect and value, who knows how to stand out and that at the same time not claims to subject it to submission and coercion nonsense that does not understand. Never going to be a dog that brought on a leash time trusting sociable with everyone, because its natural habitat will be guarding the garden and to each property, the protection of the family and loved ones to his master that is ready to give everything to the extreme sacrifice. But, the highlight (for a dog by an extraordinary force is good to dwell again), these typical morphological character and are manifested only in the true Caucasian Sheepdog who has inherited from his ancestors all features and typicality of Sheepdogs and that has grown since the first months of life in an agro-pastoral context free to move between forests and grasslands to guard and protect the herds and property.
  Franco Simoni