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Pastore Maremmano Grande Guerra in the Big War
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To fall in love with a Maremma Abbruzzese puppy of a few weeks of life is very easy: other breeds of puppies rarely exert an equal attractiveness like this marvelous creature. But it is always best to think very deeply with full considerations. The space and freedom of the country are its natural habitat. One with a villa in the suburbs with garden and a valid fence can bring up a Maremmano Abbruzzese sheepdog. Or, at the most, one who has a large terrace, a small garden, a penthouse, an enclosed porch, due to the fact that it is a dog that does not bark without a reason and therefore rarely disturbs. It would be a serious mistake to give it unjustified habits for example force feeding them to hasten the growth which is on the contrary slow. Or the fear that it suffers the cold and inclement weather. Dogs that are subject to excessive kindness end up being frail, overweight and weak. The dog denounces its discomfort with a dull coat, tending to milk white with Isabella white, flushed skin, faded mucous membranes. The maremmano abbruzzese sheepdog puppy, places straightaway the defense of the person, the house, the territory of which is under his control, by instinct, in total independence, and not conditioned by a person’s command ( it is in fact useless to give him commands etc, as he will never consider the instructor as a boss or a friend). The submission of this race will never be the result of of fear ( the maremmano sheepdog has no idea what that is) but the respect this dog has for its owner who will train him with orders that have a logical and real sense. His every act will always be carried out with full awareness, responsible and most of all logical. His actions will never be carried out without thought: if it attacks it attacks for a just cause, and if it bites it is for a reason, without losing its head, insisting or raging. It prefers to avoid , discouraging the aggressor, the robber, and at worst , those who try to kidnap. In any case it is known that the bad guys, in making their plans, take into account the presence of guard dogs always avoiding, if possible, their raids , where they fear meeting Maremmano Abbruzzese sheepdogs.
  Franco Simoni