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Pastore Maremmano Grande Guerra in the Big War
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Character and behavior of the dog Maremma Sheepdog

A premise of the discussion on behavioral attitude and character of the Maremma-Abruzzese Shepherd me the story of an episode is permitted lived the summer spent: I was appenine Umbrian as usual in search of beautiful subjects. I walked with my nephew a direct path between two valleys to the fold of a shepherd who, I was told, had a wonderful specimen. I waited for the heats of my great Genealogy female, I considered appropriate to pair with a wild male. I found the pastor and knowing the innate distrust began a speech showing any interest for his sheep and his dogs. I looked in the meantime around but saw no dog who deserved the choice. So disappointed for the loss of time, I came to make clear the purpose of my visit, also expressing my regret. My interlocutor was unmoved and without mincing words he concluded our conversation by saying that really had a beautiful white dog, that all envied for its extraordinary beauty. He would not have been able to divert from his job for any reason, much less for reasons that he considered very futile. He invited me roughly to use my binoculars to look into the distance ... ae slopes of the mountain, sheltered by a green ridge, I made out a wonderful white dog of extraordinary size, and, a few steps away from a sheep in decubitus group. The dog had remained close to her to assist and prevent anyone who came near her.
This is the Abruzzese Maremma Shepherd dog, this is his pastoral world where it originated. Never, temperamentally approaching this wonderful Italian race goes overlooked this methodical approach! Never, to select this breed, producers must forget the origins!

The dog Maremma Sheepdog wants to live outdoors in summer and winter, with total freedom and independence. If placed in the care of a house, he chooses as bedding, the external input threshold. If the enclosure of the flock or a herd, choose the highest position with respect to the animals, to keep them all under his gaze and control, on the knolls more exposed and ventilated, or on the ridges. And 'oblivious to the rain, which likes because it washes his clothes. He loves the snow, with which plays and which willingly digs his bed. He withdraws willingly to the chain. If tied it may become sullen, suspicious, biting and sometimes dangerous.
And 'humble and subjected to harsh taskmaster but fair and balanced. It is spontaneously close to the children and protects them, plays with them, as long as they do not pretend that it will become an absurd toy always available. And 'most generous with them, absolutely incapable of doing harm with intent or premeditation. It is never aggressive, avoid confrontation, not quarrelsome with his fellows, rather discouraged with his attitude who it was. The female in heat maintains her behavior, you grant preferably of his race dogs that already know. The male in this circumstance is discreet, patient and diligent to the court exercising up to the end of the relationship; so it is later, if the female approach other dogs, attacking without fear to keep possession.
He places the guard in infallible manner. Circumventing the intruder quickly putting in difficulty; It forced him to stop in the distance that he believes security or a strategic retreat without attacking, so to cause tragedies. Who never chases back. Not trust strangers, which usually do not be approached. If it senses that the stranger tries to capture him, he turns away more, and if you can not do this, show your teeth snarling in a decisive and resolute attitude.
In the flock, the shepherd dog Maremma-Abruzzese continues to do the work for which he distinguished himself, and hath gained a deserved reputation as guardian jealous of the animals and property entrusted to him, even to the extreme sacrifice of life, capable to protect them from the many dangers of predators: wolves, other species if you stray and stray dogs, bears, men. Historical enemy of the wolf, but also the cattle thief, in territories where the rustling there and attentive to the property.
In this work it is tireless, strong, able to face any hardship and deprivation, inseparable friend of the shepherd with whom he establishes a seemingly equal relationship, but in reality of dependence and submission.
Still, choose the high ground in the middle of the vast clearing, because although seemingly sleepy and distracted, can see everything around him; prefers the ridges because the two sides may his watchful eye and attentive roam everywhere.
With the sheep establishes a surprising relationship, especially if, as is usual, was born and raised in their midst; He mingles with them, with never uses force, but is patient and stubborn though sometimes their proverbial stubbornness tends to discourage its initiatives. He knows their weaknesses and do not take advantage, because he knows that the pastor would not allow him. And 'it is loving with lambs, of which attends the birth because he likes lambirli the liquid in which they are wet newborn and blood, which sometimes are dirty. It remains close to the woman in labor, assists long because he knows that his expectation will be rewarded with the placenta, which, greedy, it feeds.
And 'branch to the nurse and, at the same time, with the fraternal born, perhaps because his memory back the first few days of his life; probably because, as a sheep was nursed. And 'brotherly with the lamb, because, sees him as a "milk brother", with whom he establishes a close relationship, and on which from the earliest days of life begins its protective action, which will save, instinctively, for lifetime. It helps the mother to teach the first steps to newborns and lingers with them until reunification with the group, which in the meantime, grazing moved forward. And 'more than ever noticed in these moments, because someone approaching the point where it becomes a hazard.
At dusk, when the flock spontaneously begins to approach the sheep pen, the dog does its best to encourage the return, but this is not its main tasks guard and defense. The shepherds, now reduced in number, they would also need a dog handler, but this can not ask our dog as it is beyond their duties, we repeat, guard and defense of the flock to large villas surrounded by fences green lawns and plants, and all any other property.
Also in company land the Maremma-Abruzzese dog has its important role as a guardian. Not like just anybody, soon learns to know the boundaries within which the property is included. E 'is jealous of the buildings, both tools, either as all other animals on the holding; It does not allow any intruder to get too close. It takes position near the gate or lies down sideways along the wide road access, possibly in the shade of a tree or a bush, and careful observe and monitor those who pass, to allow or not the passage.
During the day it coexists peacefully with all employees, which came in the morning to work, usually in the evening again. He prefers to be alone in the evening with his master and family, who, overnight, does it protect us from danger and bad guys. He pleases him lie down on the doorstep, without entering it. If the landlord insists to let him in the house, it does reluctantly, but then, you get accustomed to this grant, the likes and takes advantage by choosing a secluded corner, fresh, to unwind, behaving discreetly guest. He has respect for the other animals of the house, toward the cat sleeping on the couch, to the birds that move in the aviary and from aquarium fish. Understands that his master their reserves a privileged condition and protects them, so to them ends up being protective, because this is his innate and natural. Soon becomes jealous and affectionate companion of children's games of her family, provided they are serious and loyal to it and do not make fools of teasing target, which does not accept. And 'guardian of their toys and their things, even intimate, that learns about smelling them, and who like to stay close. Login This dog does not live at ease with an unjust master, unreasonable, reckless or hysterical. O ends up being similar to or abandon him. Do not passively accept the senseless charges, is not subject to violence or abuse, you rebels, just as beatings do not deserve. E 'with a remarkable memory that makes him remember the abuse for years, of which sooner or later will take revenge. His speech is never reckless; if it sticks do it for the right reason, and, if it bites it does rightly, without ever losing his head, insisting or raging. He prefers to avoid the fact, discouraging the aggressor, the robber, and at worst, the one who wanted to make a seizure. In any case it is well known that the bad guys do in their plans and projects, take into account the presence of guard dogs; always avoid, if possible, their raids where they fear to encounter dogs Maremma-Abruzzese shepherd.

  Franco Simoni