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Pastore Maremmano Grande Guerra in the Big War
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The “Jacopone da Todi” guarantee, from the simple veterinary medical care consultation, is an essential added value, which every dog lover should have the right. To adopt a puppy, which is of character and morphological peculiarities such as the Maremmano Abbruzzese Sheepdog or the Cucasus, primarily means a choice of lifestyle dictated by love, that needs a continuous support for every aspect of every detail. Now that much has been written of the Maremmano sheepdog but also the Caucasus, the space of lack of knowledge has been reduced amongst the general public thanks to Morphological character test (TMT) for the league officebut never fails to present a circumstance which whilst the influential magazines and scientific publications industry always leave room for doubt and perplexity. Back in the 60s 70s, when I started studying the scientific basis of these races, my most authoritative friend and colleague Raymond Coppinger (with whom I shared unforgettable days in the Abbruzzese mountains in search of the best blood sample of our sheepdog) of livestock guiding dogs for US Agriculture and manager of a large herd of sheepdogs at the Hampshire Collegein Amherst Massachussets, repeated to me that our dog was proven the most suitable in all circumstances for the defenseand protection of herds and thanks to its physical force, courage, strength, the frugality distinguishing clearly this race from any other ( refer to sec.”Phylogenetic studies of” in –depth analysis of the neotechnic or paedomorphosis theories. Indulging totally to Coppingher’s doctrines I find most valid and current to settle any point of inevitable ignorance, also confirmed authoritatively by the statistics of the Department of State of the USA where agriculture ( the study of more than 4000 dogs at work) is the result that the maremmano Abbruzzese shepherd dog is by far the most reliable in guarding the flock and who never leaves it unattended. Its smart, and I would say, invincible defense strategy of the flock, today, is used for the protection of property and of the person and is ready to defend at all costs, for every condition. The Maremmano Abbruzzese performs its duties with the same approach in all situations. Whether they arefamily or work in the strictest sense. The courage, the balance, the fidelity, the great physical and mental strengthmake it a guard dog ( I would call it watchdog) strongly protective and affectionate towards the family, and in particular, of children. Never, a bad guy must approach what is left under the dog’s protection! It’s humble andsubjected to the severe owner but fair and balanced. It stays spontaneously close to children and protects them, plays with them, as long as they do not expect it to be their toy always available.. It is extremely generous with them, absolutely incapable of doing any harm with intent or meditation. It is never aggressive, avoids confrontation, is not a bully with his fellow four legged friends, and actually discourages them if they are themselves bullies. It plays its role as guard in an infallible way. It quickly circumvents the intruder putting him I trouble, forcing him to stop at a distance he believes a safety or strategic retreat without attacking therefore to cause tragedies.. It never follows who turns back. It does not familiarize with outsiders, to which he does not approach. If it feels that the outsider is attempting to capture it . it stays further away, and if this is not possible, it shows its teeth and snarls in a resolute manner. It is owner of a remarkable memory that allows him to remember the abuse and violence for years., and of which, sooner or later, will take revenge. His actions are never carried out by chance: if it attacks it is for the right reasons and, if it bites it does to reason, without ever losing its head, insisting or raging. It prefers to avoid the fact, discouraging the aggressor, the robber, and at worst, the one who wanted to kidnap. Those who love sheepdogs are not necessarily a nature loving person, therefore also (allow me) the real nature of this dog which, unlike his similar who have lost, in time the attention devoted to the protection of the flock dedicating itself only to the leading , it has maintained in fact this function due to the fact that the has never disappeared from the Italian central Appenine , and , for this reason it has maintained, more than other sheepdog races , character and attitude of a perfect defense guardian.
  Franco Simoni