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Pastore Maremmano Grande Guerra in the Big War
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About us...

You can find Jacopone of Todi's breeding dogs on the top of a smiling hill, owner of an envious 360° panorama , close to Todi ( aproximately 500metres away) towards the Massa Martana mounts, near Perugia; easily reachable by car taking the SSE45 freeway and then taking the SDamiano or Ponterio exit half way between Terni and Perugia.The owner of the breeding is Prof. Franco Simoni, zootechnics teacher, veterinary surgeon who, since 1950 , takes care and ensues the dogs personally at the agro pastoral company on the direct of the ancient tracks that from the Appenines Umbria Marche led to the marshes. Canine onorary judge, he has carried out accurate research in regards to the breed not only from the phylogenetic side but also the historical side. He is the author of many canine magazine reviews and the Editrice De Vecchi texts. Already a member of the board of directors of the Pastore Maremmano, he there held the position of secretary and vice president during the years of presidency of the Princess Donna Anna Corsini with whom he shared an endless and sincere friendship both with her and her brother don Tommaso.Veterinary surgeon specialising in Maremmani Abbruzzesi sheepdogs of the Principi Corsini Family especially Sismano,Casigliano,Salviano and Titignano estate.
Breeder owner is Prof. FRANCO SIMONI, Professor of animal husbandry, veterinary surgeon, which, since 1950, care and follows the dogs themselves at the peasant on the company director of the ancient tracks and the Umbria-Marche Apennines led to salt marshes. Judge honorary dog, played accurate research on breeds reared both phylogenetic point of view, that. He is the author of reviews on many magazines of cinofilia and Publishing texts De Vecchi. Already a member of the Board of Directors of the circle of Pastor Maremmano-Abruzzese, he served in the positions of Secretary and Vice President in the Presidency of Princess Donna Anna Chase with whom he shared a longstanding and sincere friendship with the same and with his brother don Thomas. Veterinary surgeon of the Maremma Abruzzo family dogs dei Principi Corsini particularly in estates of Sismano, Casigliano, Salviano and Titignano.
The breeding farm has, for many years, obtained the Affix for several sheepdog breeds: maremmano abbruzzese, of the Caucaso, of Brie from the Authority of the national kennel club. More than five thousand dogs have the affix of "Jacopone of Todi" who have found an owner and there are hundreds of national and international awards that "Jacopone of Todi " dogs have earned in each dog show.
The dogs that come from the Breeding farm are a product of a mass selection, after of which an individual selection is carried out where the typicality is taken into account, as also the behaviour and the attitude to work. The dogs are placed at the service of the flock with whom they move according to the system of transhumance; they are unaware of face powder, brushes and dressing; they maintain their morphologic and function characteristics of their ancestors.
All members of the three breeds live together, each of them to make up any deficiency: in regards to the maremmani abbruzzesi, slightly softened due to the variation of the environment, taken into consideration under the broadest sense of the term, provide a firm hand with the Caucasi with their strength and firmness; with their laziness in guiding the flock of one and the other, compensates the brightness of the briard. Therfore the sheep that live constantly in the wilderness are assured safety from any safety issues in regrads to predatore with 2 or more legs.
The owner of this breeding farm is now quite advanced in his years but maintains all the same a constant passion and willingness. He is always present at the breeding farm. Shadowed always by his daughter Simonetta and his trustworthy grandson Jacopo, both also doctors, he analises constantly morphologic, character and health details of his dogs, guaranteeing personally every aspect and particularity after the dogs are sold, in order that each customer can feel not only collaborator and friend, but also a part of the "Jacopone da Todi" family where one can find one's point of reference in regards to all growth aspects tied to the future life of the newly arrivedand beloved puppy.
Franco Simoni